7 Reasons to Hire a Private Soccer Coach

7 Reasons to Hire a Private Soccer Coach

If you’re looking to take your game to the next level, hiring a private soccer coach may be the answer (or not). Yes, you can train with your team during the week but being held accountable in a one-to-one or small group setting can be valuable.

A private soccer trainer can help you focus on certain aspects of your game that need improvement. Also, a coach can give you a different personal perspective and can motivate you to become the best version of yourself.

If you are still on the fence as to whether or not you should hire a private soccer coach, then the following reasons for giving it a go might encourage you:

Source of Support & Encouragement

If you look at the world of soccer training, it can be overwhelming. From ball handling, to agility to strength to understanding different reads, it can get overwhelming. In addition, for the players 15-18, college recruiting enters the mix.

You can handle all the above with the aid of a private coach who will advise, prepare, encourage, and support you as you take each step towards becoming a better player. You can even bring yourself closer to success as you will receive an individualized plan from your private coach, which a team coach may not be able to provide.

In addition to developing skills, we encourage players to really strengthen their mindset. This can propel them to go even further in their soccer playing career.

Identify Key Strengths and Skills For Improvement

Even if you feel like you are already aware of your skills and strengths, as well as the specific areas where you excel, it would still be a lot better to find the point-of-view of another when it comes to pinpointing your strengths, skills, and even your weaknesses.

In many cases, you can develop and identify your best potential with the help of someone who is skilled in the area you are in. You are expediting the process of becoming better.

As a side note, the above applies to anything in life. When you model or take advice from someone ahead of you then it can propel you forward even faster. This goes for education, hobbies, work, etc.

A private soccer coach directly focuses on you, allowing him or her to assess your skills completely and improve your performance. You can do that during your private training. And, sometimes coaches will offer video training to look back on your games to see what you did well and what you could’ve done better.

Helps Track Your Progress

Since you will be receiving one-on-one training, expect your private coach to keep track of your progress during each session. They will often stack training sessions in sequential order where your skills develop on top of each other.

Your private trainer may also attend your games to assess your performance. With that, you will receive honest feedback that will help you boost your skills and performance.

Increase Confidence

The only way for you to learn about your real capabilities is for someone to push you to step out of your comfort zone. This is something that your private soccer coach can do.

With your coach around, you can develop your confidence, which is crucial in accomplishing your goals as a soccer player. Again, the right mindset can take players a long way and give them the competitive advantage they need on the field.

Gives Full Attention

Having a private coach means that you can personally interact with a knowledgeable person who focuses on your specific needs as a potential soccer player.

You will receive training on important skill sets, like precision passes, first touches, shooting and other aspects that require technical improvement.

Offers Flexibility

Since you will be receiving private lessons, expect to enjoy more flexibility in terms of when you should take your training sessions. This kind of flexibility may not be present if you are going through a team training session. The reason is that you will only have a limited amount of time, together with other players, to get the training from your team coach.

If you decide to hire a private trainer, you can work together based on your availability. Please keep in mind that some private coaches pay for field space especially when they move indoors so you may be limited in that capacity.

Network & Access to Other Coaches

By hiring a private tutor, you will also have access to their growing network of players. Oftentimes, players are so tunnel visioned inside their own soccer club and they forget that there are other options out there. By getting introduced to other talented players, they are expanding their network. A valuable asset as players get older.

Additionally, some private coaches can provide good direction for the college pathway. They may have existing connections with coaches and scouts.

Are You Ready for a Private Soccer Coach?

Hiring a private soccer coach isn’t for everyone. There are some factors that come into play…the big one being financially. Hiring a private coach can cost anywhere from $50-$200 per hour. The range will depend on the trainer’s experience and what part of the country you live in.

Also, players may find that the training they get from their soccer team is enough. As parents, it’s important to assess this. Don’t push them into something they don’t want to do (especially if it’s extra time). Be sensitive to the fact that all players have different ambitions. Some players want to turn pro and some just want to play with their friends.

For players who want to work with a private trainer, the best place to find one is to ask for recommendations. As other parents and coaches who offer private training sessions. Work with them and be ready to move forward with them or pull out if it’s not a great connection. Remember, this is about you – the player – so work with someone you enjoy and who will motivate you!

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