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We are committed to improving soccer in the U.S.
and educating players & parents on the landscape of youth soccer.

About SoccerNovo

SoccerNovo was built out of pure passion for the game of soccer (or what the rest of the world calls football).

Being in the soccer space as a player, coach, and parent for the last couple of decades, we’ve found that it is important to teach the youth and provide them with as many opportunities as possible.

SoccerNovo provides helpful tips, drills, gear, and advice. We continue to produce quality content every day!

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Soccer Coaching Made Simple eBook​

Are you a new soccer coach, a parent volunteering, or a seasoned coach looking to organize practices and improve your team? We have a treat for you!

We’ve launched our highly anticipated guide for soccer coaches. This is the perfect toolkit for the upcoming fall season.

In the guide, you’ll learn helpful tips for a successful season, over 20 drills, game formations, and much more! It’s packed with everything you need to coach youth soccer.

We created two versions: 1. Ages 5-9 2. Ages 10-13

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Beau Bridges - Soccer Novo

Why did we create SoccerNovo?

As a parent and a soccer enthusiast, I was tired of hearing the U.S. is lagging behind other countries. As I researched, there wasn’t much out there on the youth soccer landscape. To find a club, you had to ask around or get in at the right time. I wanted to create more visibility for the parents. 

As we continued to create content, the site evolved. Today, we want to provide players with helpful advice and recommendations to develop their game. One day, I’m hopeful we’ll surpass England and Brazil but it starts with our youth! 

We also want to provide the tools to players, parents, coaches, and club owners to continue to grow the sport of soccer in the U.S. 

~ Beau (Founder and Lead Content Creator)

Be in the know for everything soccer in the U.S. 🥳️

SoccerNovo was built out of pure passion for the game of soccer. Our team provides helpful and entertaining content that helps players become better and enjoy the game more.
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