Soccer Gear Reviews

A complete look at the best soccer gear. We provide our honest reviews based on our personal experience.

From soccer cleats to soccer balls and everything else, these guides will help you make the best purchasing decision possible! 

Soccer Gear

As soccer parents, we understand how overwhelming buying items like soccer cleats can be. There’s so many brands and styles to choose from!

Depending on what you plan on buying, it can be quite the investment. So, with that said, we want to provide you with the best information possible.

In the section that follows, you’ll find various categories of soccer gear. We’ll keep updating them as we test and review them!

Soccer Cleats

Best Soccer Cleats (1)
Discover the best soccer cleats for the upcoming season. You can search by speed, control, youth, and more! You’ll find it all within this page.

Finding the best kids soccer cleats for your child can be confusing and challenging. There are literally hundreds of pairs to decide from. We’ve narrowed our list to the top 3 (and then some)…

Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Cleats that are too tight can cause discomfort, instability, and even injuries, which can significantly affect your performance on the field. Luckily, there are plenty of options available that cater to players with wider feet…

Soccer Training

Portable Goals

Are you looking to buy a soccer goal for the backyard? Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, having a portable soccer goal can make all the difference in your training and games. Check them out…

Soccer rebounders are great for training in the backyard. This is must-have for players looking to improve their ball control, passing accuracy, turning and shooting. Discover our go-to soccer rebounder…

Soccer GPS Vest

Tracking your stats can be beneficial as it will provide you with important info on your performance. You can create a baseline, track, and aim for a goal on the field. Here are are our favorite GPS trackers…

Soccer Equipment

Soccer Balls

Choosing the best soccer ball can be overwhelming! With so many soccer balls available on the market, you can really go down a rabbit hole. Luckily, you landed here. Check out our favs…

Soccer Shin Guards

Soccer is a high-contact sport that requires players to wear protective gear to prevent injuries. One of the few mandatory equipment you need are shin guards. Discover the best ones…

Soccer bags are a must-have for any player. They not only help you carry your equipment (shin guards, cleats, etc.) to and from the field, but they also protect them from getting damaged…

Health & Fitness

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers have become increasingly popular among soccer players. These are very handy to keep at home as they can be used for self-massages, stretching, and injury prevention….

Water Bottles

Soccer players understand the importance of staying hydrated on the field. This why having a quality water bottle is essential for any player. From insulated to ones with innovative designs, we’ve got you covered…

Resistance Bands

Training with resistance bands can help improve strength, speed, agility, and explosiveness. We’ve outlined the best bands, the benefits, how to use them, and everything else you need to know! 

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