How a Beginner Soccer Player Gets Better

How a Beginner Soccer Player Gets Better

Is your child just starting out playing the game of soccer? Do they absolutely love the game and want to get better? If so, you’ve come to the right place! 

In this article, we’ll shed some light on how a young soccer player gets better. 

Please keep in mind that kids develop at different times. For instance, some kids peak and stop wanting to improve their game by age 10. While others may start flourishing at 15. The important thing is to let them go at their own pace and be patient (with them). 

Learn to Improvise & Be Creative

Improvisation creates a fun, safe, and effective environment for a beginner to experiment and develop new skills. For instance, have your child kick the ball as high as you can then trap it. Go for the goal once you establish possession. Then, have them celebrate like they won the World Cup

Also, creativity and imagination is great in any sport. Let your child imagine that they are Pulisic and mimic his moves. This will get them to think and act like a player who has 20 years on them. 

Develop Chemistry with Your Teammates 

Chemistry within a soccer team can do wonders for each player’s success. Your child may be able to dribble around a few kids but, in most cases, they won’t need to if they know their teammate will pass back to them. These team fundamentals will prove advantageous as they get older.

Team chemistry makes each practice and game more fun…no matter the outcome. You lose and win together. You get better together. You gain more confidence together. And, you collect valuable life skills along the way. 

Progression Over Perfection 

At a young age, some kids are wired differently than others. Some want to master a certain skill set at the age of 8 while others are happy to kick the ball. But, at these young ages, it’s important to teach them about focusing on progress instead of perfection. As long as they are playing out on the field or the backyard, they are progressing. 

Is your child struggling to juggle 10 times in a row? How about just starting with two? 

When you value progress over perfection, development happens. When players prioritize perfection over value, frustration happens. 

Learning the skills it requires to compete should be an ongoing process of mishaps, corrections, and successes. 

Develop a Positive Mindset 

We strongly feel that positivity is the fuel that drives players to become better players (and humans). When players start playing, it’s important to instill this in them.

A positive mindset not only affects them as players but their teammates as well. When a player is positive they are looking at the bright side of things, they are cheering on their teammates, and they are helping them up.

All of this becomes contagious. A positive mindset encourages players to learn from mistakes without worrying about the outcome. 

Final Word

Establishing a healthy mindset early is one of the keys to developing players. Yes, skills are important but team and individual practices will take care of that over time. Quickness and power will come as they mature.

Players with a positive attitude that want to get better…do. And, players that love the game…get better. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are soccer skills important?

Of course, they are! Equally as important is the mindset players have in their approach to the game.

How can I practice soccer on my own?

Here are some great soccer drills and exercises you can do on your own… How to practice football ALONE on YouTube

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