The Ultimate Soccer Mindset

The Ultimate Soccer Mindset

The game of soccer is not only fun but can teach many life lessons along the way. From mastering a certain skill to competing with your teammates, soccer at any level is always a work in progress.

After observing all types of soccer players either extend their playing career or fizzle out, there are some noticeable differences.

A strong mindset is at the forefront of every successful soccer player. And, a “successful soccer player” is subjective. For one player it could be just having pure fun when you’re out on the pitch. For another, it could be training everyday to eventually reach their goal of going D1.

Whatever the end in mind is, this article will help players develop a strong soccer mindset. For parents and coaches, this will help teach your player(s) how to realize their dreams.

Without further ado, here are five things that will help any soccer player develop a strong soccer mindset!

Think Positive (in any circumstance)

It sounds cliche but thinking positively in any circumstance can fuel how a soccer player feels and acts on and off the field.

Confidence stems from thinking positive.

Of course there will be times when a player gets down on themselves but if they can work on the habit of positive thinking then they can overcome it quicker.

By nature, as humans, we are hardwired to think the worst at times. It’s our defense mechanism that keeps us safe.

Awareness is key. Being aware that you have the choice to think positively or negatively is your first choice. Choose wisely!

Realize It’s Still a Game

Sometimes players (and parents especially) forget that soccer is just a game. As a player advances and the games become more competitive, players and parents feel the need to take it more seriously. But, at the end of the day, it’s a game that is played to have fun.

If you take the fun out of it then friction enters the equation of the development of the player. Each training session and game feels heavy.

Those that are able to understand that it’s just a game will feel lighter and more willing to do the hard work because it’s fun.

So, players and parents…understand that it’s just a game and mistakes happen. If you don’t realize this, you’ll look back on these golden days and feel a sense of regret for taking it too seriously.

Hard Work is Controllable

How does one get better at soccer? Consistent hard work. Sure, some kids are more gifted out of the womb than others but hard work can oftentimes surpass talent.

We’ve seen it many times over. A talented player at age 10 will be untouchable and lean on their talent without working hard. Their skills start to peak while other players work on their game everyday. The talented player will eventually get left behind. And, because they didn’t develop a strong work ethic, they become frustrated and eventually settle for mediocrity.

Hard work is one of the most important habits any athlete can develop. If you’re a player who wants to make it to the next level, consistent hard work needs to be the cornerstone of your personal development.

Act Like a Soccer Player

This may sound strange but acting like a soccer player can build confidence and set you up for success. By acting like a soccer player, you get in character. A character that will help you become the person you want to be.

So, what does a soccer player act like? They have a certain swag about them. He walks around like he is the best but also stays very humble in the process. They are often in athletic clothing. Crocs optional 😉 They are always studying the game and finding ways to get a competitive advantage.

Do the Boring Stuff (with purpose)

Many young players want to kick the ball as hard as they can into the net. They want to try all these crazy dribble moves. This is fun.

On the other hand, the players who succeed do the boring stuff. They are in the backyard working on their touches. They are throwing the ball up and trapping it. They are doing situps to make their core stronger. They do this with repetition…over and over again.

Developing a strong mindset to the boring stuff will make a player transition from good to great.

Doing the boring stuff is the foundation to player development. When you can shift your mindset to enjoying the boring stuff then you can watch your development explode.

Are you Ready to Succeed?

There you have it…our top five things to develop the ultimate soccer mindset. With this advice, we strongly believe that players can go further in their soccer career and life in general.

Just like soccer development on the field, every player should take the time to train themselves on having a stronger mindset. It is such an important ingredient in your growth.

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