ADVN Design – Multi-Angle Soccer Trainer

ADVN Design – Multi-Angle Soccer Trainer

If you are looking for a quality built multi-angle soccer trainer and rebounder, this review is for you. In our reviews, we like to test things before we can recommend them. It’s only right.

The trainer manufactured by ADVN Design has gone under the radar…until now.

ADVN Design – Multi-Angle Soccer Trainer

Setup⏳ time: 42 minutes

Who is this trainer for? It is ideal for soccer players (10 and up) who have been playing soccer for at least a year.

What is it used for? This is a great piece of training equipment to work on your touch, passing, trapping, shot, and turns.

Multi-Angle Soccer Trainer Review

My son has been using the ADVN Design Multi-Angle Soccer Training Rebounding System for a week now and here’s our summary of the backyard soccer rebounder.

  • Made from quality metal and netting
  • Very tight net which creates a fast bounce-back
  • Easily adjusts to create different angles
  • Easy assembly and no extra tools required

If you’re looking for a sturdy backyard rebounder then you’ll want to consider this!

Unlike most rebounders, there’s not much give of the netting. What does that mean? It’s faster to come back to you. I think this is great for players that have played soccer for some time. On the proper angle, this will challenge more elite older players.

Speaking about angles, this is one of the best features of the rebounder. You can adjust the angles so it can be a wall or rebounder at different levels.

Multi-Angle Rebounder
ADVN Design - Multi-Angle Soccer Training Rebounding System

Quality soccer trainer and rebounder with multi-angles to adjust the style of play. This is an excellent choice for any soccer player looking to get better in the backyard.

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Setting Up the Soccer Trainer

The instructions looked overwhelming at first but it really wasn’t. Each step is clearly shown and labeled. You won’t need a screwdriver or any other tools. They do provide you with a couple of allen wrenches which you’ll need.

It did come with a tool to spring back the netting to hook onto the frame but I ended up using my hands. The netting kept slipping off the tool so it was easier to just pull it back with my hands. Just be sure you don’t pinch yourself if you decide to go this route.

It took me less than a lunch hour to put it together. Of course, no help from the kids or wife!

The metal used feels very stable and sturdy. It’s not the ‘soft steel’ we are used to with some of the goals and rebounders. This will most likely withstand the New England weather conditions.

Should You Buy This Soccer Rebounder?

Overall, this is a great addition to our backyard.

To that end, if you’re serious about improving your soccer skills or have a child that is crazy about getting better at soccer (like mine is), you won’t go wrong getting this trainer/rebounder.

It’s a quality and sturdy trainer at a fair price! Check it out on Amazon.

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