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Are you a new soccer coach, a parent volunteering, or a seasoned coach looking to organize practices and improve your team? We have something for you!

We’ve just released our highly anticipated guide for soccer coaches. This is the perfect toolkit for the upcoming season. 

In the guide, you’ll learn helpful advice for a successful season, over 20 drills (w/ detailed instructions), game formations, and more! It’s packed with everything you need to coach youth soccer (and then some).  

We have two versions: 1. Ages 5-9 2. Ages 10-13

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Five Stars
"My husband volunteered me to coach my son's soccer team this season. Eeek. I was overwhelmed with everyone but found this guide very helpful. I used all the drills for each of the practices. Thank god I found this!!!!"
U8 Coach
Five Stars
Thanks Beau! These drills are very easy to follow and fun for the kids. Glad I found your guide. I owe you!
U11 Coach

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We’ve spent countless hours creating the ultimate toolkit for youth soccer coaches.

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This guide is a culmination of many years of coaching and studying youth soccer. 

We wanted to create a guide to help coaches use practical practice plans that work, and understand different formations, soccer terms, and more. 

You’ll find great value in the eBook and the bonuses we’ve included as part of the coach’s toolkit.

– SoccerNovo Team

About the Author

👋 My name is Beau and I’m the author of the Soccer Coaching Beau Bridges - Soccer NovoMade Simple eBook. I’m also the owner and primary content producer for SoccerNovo. 

I’m a former youth soccer coach and a parent of a U14 MLS NEXT player. Over the years, I’ve been a soccer geek. I’ve collected practice plans, I’ve studied the game, and connected with some of the best in the sport. 

Now, I’m wrapping everything together for you. I want you to find happiness and success in coaching youth soccer. It’s a very fulfilling role but challenging at times. For this reason, I’ve made it easy to run practices, strategize game scenarios, and provided tools to save you time! 

Much success and thank you for coaching our future. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

This guide is for newbie and seasoned youth soccer coaches that want to run engaged practices and develop positive young athletes. This will help you save time in your practice and game preparations. 

We boiled this guide into the most effective drills and advice you’ll need to coach this season. We simply left out the fluff that you often find on the internet. 

All templates are customizable via Canva. Canva is a free graphic design tool that is super easy to use. You’ll be able to swap photos, change text, colors, and more! 

We split our eBook into two versions. This is ideal for ages 5-9 and 10-13. 

No! We know winning helps but we are in this game to develop the kids and want them to come back next year! As a byproduct of their development, you may win more games but that’s not our focus. 

Be in the know for everything soccer in the U.S. 🥳️

SoccerNovo was built out of pure passion for the game of soccer. Our team provides helpful and entertaining content that helps players become better and enjoy the game more.
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