6 Soccer Dribbling Moves to Get by a Defender

6 Soccer Dribbling Moves to Get by a Defender

Last updated on April 10th, 2023 at 08:41 pm

In most cases, making a pass will get from point A to point B quicker but in some cases dribbling by a defender is the right move. More times than not, dribbling in a straight line will get the ball stolen. For this reason, a player should have an arsenal of moves in their soccer toolkit. What are the best soccer dribbling moves to get by a defender?

If you are having trouble shaking off your defenders when you have the ball, here are some dribbling moves that you need to master.

The Stepover

This is a great technique that you can use to fake out a defender who is chasing you down the pitch. This is called the “stepover” because you are stepping over the ball and then tapping it in the opposite direction that you were going.

To do this move, step over the ball using your dominant foot. After that, tap it using the outside of that foot towards the other direction and then change the pace.

If done properly, you will trick your defender into going the opposite way.

The Pullback

This is a way to fake out your defender and pull away with the ball going the other way.

To do this move, you first need to fake a pass in the opposite direction you will be going next. Move your foot over the ball, grab the ball using your heel, and then pull the ball back. After pulling the ball back, use the same foot to kick the ball in the opposite direction.

If done properly, the ball will draw a V-shape on the pitch.

The Cruyff Turn

This is a great way to defend the ball and escape your defender at the same time. By doing this move, you will be making a quick U-turn, which will allow you to peel away from your defender.

To do this move, while dribbling the ball, place your plant foot in between your defender and the ball. After that, rotate your dominant foot to stop the ball using the inside of the foot to stop the ball.

Push the ball behind you and then chase it in the opposite direction while changing the pace.

The Ronaldo Chop

This is a good move to use against an aggressive defender. This move is quick and will also shield the ball against pokes from the defender. Use this move when you are running across the pitch and a defender is coming at you head-on.

To do this move, jump slightly with both feet. Position your non-dominant foot in front of the ball. This will shield the ball against defenders. At the same time, bring your dominant foot out and to the side. When both feet hit the ground, angle your dominant foot and push the ball to an angle adjacent to your defender.

The Scissor

This is like the stepover, but instead of stepping over the ball from the outside in, you will be faking a touch from your dominant foot. This will trick your defender into still going in your original direction and not giving them enough time to recover.

Do this by stepping over the ball with your dominant foot from the inside out and then using the outside of your other foot to switch directions. If you can do this move smoothly, you will be able to put a bit of distance between you and your defender almost immediately.

The Maradona Turn

This flashy move is named after the legendary football player Diego Maradona. You will be using this move to escape a defender’s tackle. This move is quite flashy and if done properly, this will leave your defender stunned and unable to react for a couple of moments.

This move is not meant for when you are running at full tilt, so slow down a bit before doing this move.

First, stop the ball using the front toe studs of your dominant foot and then pull the ball a couple of inches. Once done, you can place your dominant foot in front of your defender. Put your arm up to further shield against your defender.Using your other foot, use the studs of the shoe to drag the ball into the space a few steps ahead. This will make you spin around toward the new direction of the ball. Quickly change pace to get away from your defender.


All the dribbling moves in this article will require a lot of practice. The key is to first go slow and understand the technique and then repeat, repeat, repeat. To be unstoppable on the pitch, you have to put the practice in.

We don’t recommend trying these moves right out the gate during a game. Try them in your backyard or before or after practice. Once you feel comfortable, try them in practice. And, once you find success in a practice setting, then go out and shake your opponents!

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