Youth Soccer Age Division Chart

Youth Soccer Age Division Chart

The U.S. youth soccer landscape is organized by birth year (not grade or season). In the past, it was August to July which made it a bit confusing. Going to a birth year format makes it pretty straightforward for players and parents to understand.

What Age Group Do I Register For?

In most cases, a youth soccer club’s season will run from the fall through the next year into late-spring.

Birth year registration should be based on the year in which the season ends. For instance, if a season begins in September 2023 and ends in June 2024 then the player should register for a team based on the year 2024 (skip to the chart below). A player whose birth year is 2009 should register for u15 as calculated below…

Here’s some quick math: 2024 (Year season ends) – 2009 (Birth Year) = u15  (Age Group)

If you’re not the math type, here’s a simple chart to help you understand which age group your player should be registered for.


Note: Due to bio banding rules, there may be cases within a club where an athlete is playing on a younger team. This is mostly due to the biological age being more in line with someone younger.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the birth year used in U.S. soccer?

This method of age grouping is used to support player development, more closely align with U.S. Soccer’s standards, simplify the calculation for a player’s age, and reduce the relative age effect.

How do I need to prove my child’s age?

Typically, soccer clubs will request a digital copy of a player’s birth certificate to confirm their age.

Can a youth soccer play up?

Absolutely! A player can join a team in an older age group.

Can a player play down an age group?

A player usually cannot play down an age group unless they bio-banded. Bio banding allows players to be positioned based on their personal maturity and biological age rather than only their chronological age.

What does ‘U’ stand for in ‘U12’

The U in an age group listing stands for ‘under’. This means that a child playing in a U12 age group must be under 12 before the season starts.

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