Why Do Soccer Players Shave Their Legs?

Why Do Soccer Players Shave Their Legs?

Soccer players shave their legs for several reasons including improved hygiene, easier to tape up, enhanced perceived performance, and because they think it looks good!

Why Do Soccer Players Shave Their Legs

It’s difficult to admit but back in my high school basketball days, I used to ‘trim’ my leg hairs because I thought it looked way cooler and I actually felt faster on the court.

Soccer players have many quirks, superstitions, and unique habits. In this article, we’ll dissect why players shave their legs for soccer.

Reasons For Athletes to Shave Their Legs

Here are some of the main reasons why athletes choose to shave their legs:

Performance Enhancement

Many athletes shave their legs to improve their performance. By removing body hair, they aim to optimize their performance by streamlining their bodies for maximum efficiency. When hair is present, it can create air resistance, which can slow the athlete down. With smooth legs, athletes can run faster and move more easily on the field.

Even though a small amount of their leg is showing, it can feel like a difference maker [in the eyes of the beholder].


Injury Prevention and Treatment

It may be surprising but shaving can help prevent skin infections caused by bacteria, as hair can trap sweat and bacteria close to the skin.

Additionally, shaving makes it easier to treat injuries, as the bandages and medical tape adhere better to the skin. Without hair, the discomfort associated with applying and removing duct tape is greatly reduced. This is particularly important for athletes who are prone to consistent injuries, such as soccer players.

Aesthetics and Simply Personal Preference

Some athletes shave their legs just because they prefer the way it looks. Smooth legs can also help athletes show off their calf muscles more prominently.

Additionally, shaving can make it easier to apply sunscreen and other products to the skin. For some athletes, shaving their legs is a personal preference that makes them feel more confident and comfortable on the field.

Just like taping your wrist to look more drippy, I say go for it!

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