How Long is a Youth Soccer Game?

How Long is a Youth Soccer Game?

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How long is a youth soccer game? Great question! The simple answer is that it varies. In this article you’ll learn the different times of youth soccer games for your child’s age group. 

First off, let’s cover the basics. A typical soccer game is split in even halves with a short halftime (sometimes with oranges from parents). On some occasions, especially at the younger ages (under 8), games may be divided into quarters. 

In the U.S. soccer scene, there is no hard rule about game time. The specific time could be based on the governing rules of the league or town.  

And, as the players get older, the time in a single game gets longer. 

Soccer Game Length by Age Group

Here is a list of typical game lengths by age group.

  • u6: 20 minute (10 minute halves) soccer game
  • u8: 40 minute (20 minute halves) soccer game
  • u10: 50 minute (25 minutes halves) soccer game
  • u12: 60 minute (30 minute halves) soccer game
  • u14: 80 minute (40 minute halves) soccer game
  • u16: 90 minute (45 minute halves) soccer game
  • u19: 90 minute (45 minute halves) soccer game

Unlike most other sports, game time does not start and stop. For a 80 minute game, it usually takes 1hr and 30 min from the first whistle to the end of the game. On some occasions, the referee will add injury time to the end of a half. 

What About Overtime?

In a regular season match, there most likely won’t be overtime. Many soccer games end in ties and will reflect this in the league standings. Tournaments or playoffs may include a short overtime followed by penalty kicks (PKs) if the score is still tied. This is simply because a winner of the match must be determined. 

Again, we want to reiterate these times are only for reference. Your league may adhere to slightly different game lengths. But, it is important to understand official game lengths especially at the younger levels where you’ll want to get kids playing time.

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