What is WPSL?

What is WPSL?

Have you heard of the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL)? The WPSL is a national women’s amateur soccer league in the U.S. that was founded in 1998.

The league is made up of  130 (as of 2023) teams across the country, and it is the largest women’s soccer league in the world.

Women's_Premier_Soccer_League_(logo)The WPSL provides female soccer players with a platform to showcase their skills and compete at a high level. The league is divided into regional conferences, and teams play against other teams in their conference as well as teams from other conferences.

In this article, we’ll provide more information, the season structure, and the requirements to play. If you’re a female soccer player and aspire to be a professional one day, read on…

What is WPSL?

The WPSL is a national women’s soccer league in the United States and is the largest women’s soccer league in the world. Here’s what you need to know about the WPSL.

The league was founded in 1998 and has since grown to 130 teams (and counting) across the country.

The WPSL is a semi-professional league, meaning that players are not paid but can receive compensation for travel and other expenses. The league is designed to provide a platform for women’s soccer players to showcase their skills and compete at a high level.

The WPSL is divided into regions and conferences, with teams competing against other teams in their conference.

At the end of the regular season, the top teams from each conference compete in a national championship tournament to determine the overall WPSL champion.

The league provides ample opportunities for young athletes to gain experience playing at a high level and to be scouted by college and professional teams.

Many WPSL players have gone on to play professionally in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) or internationally.

History of WPSL

In its early years, the WPSL faced many challenges, including financial difficulties and a lack of media coverage.

However, the league continued to grow and develop, with more and more women’s soccer players seeking to play at a high level beyond college. The league has also been instrumental in the development of women’s soccer in the United States, with many former WPSL players going on to play for the U.S. Women’s National Team.

The league has also expanded its reach, with the creation of the WPSL Elite League in 2012, which featured some of the top women’s soccer players in the world.

The WPSL has also helped to promote and develop women’s soccer at the grassroots level, with many teams and players involved in community outreach and youth development programs.

Structure of WPSL

WPSL Regions

The WPSL is split into four U.S. regions, they include:

  1. West Region
  2. Central Region
  3. South Region
  4. East Region

Conference Structure

Within the above regions, a subset of conferences are structured, they include:

West Region

  • Desert Conference
  • Northwest Conference
  • PAC North Conference
  • So Cal Conference – Coastal Division
  • So Cal Conference – Plymouth Division

Central Division

  • Heartland Conference
  • Midwest Conference – Lake Michigan Division
  • Midwest Conference – National Road Division
  • Mountain Conference – Rockies Division
  • Mountain Conference – Wasatch Divison
  • Northern Conference

South Region

  • Red River Conference
  • Southeast Conference
  • Sunshine Conference – Coconut Division
  • Sunshine Conference – Palmetto Division
  • Texas Triangle Conference

East Region

  • Lake Erie Conference
  • Metropolitan Conference
  • Mid-Atlantic Conference – Colonial Division
  • Mid-Atlantic Conference – Keystone Division
  • Northeast Conference

Season Format

Regular Season

female soccer U.S.During the regular season, teams compete in their respective conferences with the goal of qualifying for the playoffs.

The regular season typically runs from May to July and consists of 8-12 games per team. Each team plays a home and away game against their conference opponents.

The WPSL regular season is known for its high level of competition and features many talented players from around the world. Teams are ranked based on their win-loss record, with the top teams in each conference advancing to the playoffs.


The WPSL playoffs consist of a single-elimination tournament featuring the top teams from each conference. The playoffs typically begin in late July and culminate with the WPSL Championship game in early August.

The tournament format is designed to be exciting and unpredictable, with each game featuring high-stakes and intense competition.

The winner of the WPSL Championship is crowned the best women’s soccer team in the United States.

Teams in WPSL

When it comes to the Women’s Premier Soccer League, there are currently over 130 teams spread across North America. Some of the soccer clubs that you might have heard of include:

  • Boston Breakers Reserves
  • Connecticut Fusion
  • Long Island Rough Riders
  • New York Athletic Club
  • Rochester Lancers
  • Syracuse DA
  • Western New York Flash
  • Chicago Red Stars Reserves
  • FC Pride
  • Fort Wayne United FC
  • Indy Premier SC
  • Michigan Legends FC
  • Milwaukee Torrent
  • Minnesota TwinStars
  • Alabama FC
  • Atlanta Silverbacks
  • FC Austin Elite
  • Gulf Coast Texans
  • Lonestar SC
  • Pensacola FC
  • Texas Spurs FC
  • California Storm
  • FC Tucson Women
  • LA Galaxy San Diego
  • San Francisco Nighthawks
  • Utah Royals FC Reserves
  • Vancouver Island FC
  • Westside Timbers

For a full list of WPSL teams, go to their official website.

WPSL Players

As a player, the league offers a platform for you to showcase your skills and compete at one of the highest levels of soccer in the U.S. To become a WPSL player, you must meet certain eligibility requirements and be committed to player development.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to play in the WPSL, you must be a female soccer player who is at least 16 years old.

There are no restrictions on citizenship or nationality, so players from all over the world are welcome to participate.

Additionally, the WPSL allows college players to compete during the summer months without losing their NCAA eligibility.

Player Development

Many WPSL teams are affiliated with professional clubs and offer opportunities for players to train with and learn from top-level coaches.

Additionally, the league provides exposure to college coaches and professional scouts, which can help players advance their careers.

As a WPSL player, you will have access to resources and support to help you achieve your goals.

The league offers training and development programs, as well as access to sports medicine professionals to help keep you healthy and performing at your best.

Final Thoughts on WPSL

The Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL) is a great opportunity to expand the footprint of women’s soccer in the U.S.

Especially with the decades-long success of the United States Women’s National program, I hope more girls pursue soccer at a higher level.

The aspiration to compete at the highest levels will only bring out the best in female soccer players.

With its commitment to promoting women’s soccer and providing a platform for female athletes to showcase their skills, the WPSL is surely an important part of the soccer landscape in the United States and across the globe.

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