What is Girls Academy (GA)?

What is Girls Academy (GA)?

Girls Academy logoGirls Academy (GA) soccer is a program that provides young female soccer players with high-level training and competition.

The GA soccer league is designed to improve the technical and tactical skills of players, as well as their physical and mental preparation for the demands of the game at the highest level.

For top-level girls in the U.S., the GA is a great way to get discovered by college and national scouts through league play and end-of-season tournaments.

In this article, we’ll shed  more light on the history of the Girls Academy, the teams involved and what makes the GA unique.


Formed in 2020, the GA was developed after the U.S. Soccer Federation announced that it was ending the popular U.S. Soccer Development Academy (DA). Following the announcement from the DA, some of the teams consolidated with the Girl’s ECNL while others moved to the newly formed Girls Academy. On the boys side, MLS NEXT was formed to support the high-level competition.

The Girls Academy currently has a strategic partnership with U.S. Youth Soccer (USYS) and Major League Soccer (MLS) to provide direction and a system from the youth to the professional level.

Lesle Gallimore, former University of Washington women’s soccer coach, serves as the commissioner. She has a strong team of executives around her that continues to push the league forward for female soccer players.

How Many Teams Are There?

As of the 2022/2023 season, there are over 90 member clubs in the Girls Academy. Teams range from u13-u19 age groups. 

The clubs are divided into nine conferences across the U.S., these include:

  1. Northeast
  2. Mid-Atlantic
  3. Southeast
  4. Mid-America
  5. Frontier
  6. Mountain West
  7. Southwest
  8. Northwest
  9. Pacific Northwest

Browse Girls Academy teams by state. 

Season Format

The season runs from late-August to July, with regular season games played on a weekly basis.

The season schedule includes a mix of conference and non-conference games, as well as a postseason tournament.

During the regular season, teams in the Girls Academy play a set number of conference games against other teams in their respective region. These games are played on the weekends and are an opportunity for teams to compete for conference standings and playoff seeding.

In addition to conference games, teams may also play a number of non-conference games against teams from other regions. These are usually played during national events.

At the end of the regular season, the top teams from each conference qualify for the postseason tournament referred to as the GA National Playoffs. The top teams from each conference square off to be named as the Girls Academy National Champions.


The Girls Academy program includes a variety of tournaments and showcase events throughout the season. These events provide players with the opportunity to compete against top-level competition and to be scouted by national team and collegiate coaches.

One of the most anticipated tournaments is the ‘Summer Playoffs & Showcase’. This event takes place at the end of the season and features the top teams from each conference. It all culminates in a championship trophy.

In addition to the playoffs, the Girls Academy also holds a number of showcases throughout the year. These events are designed to expand the competition of play and provide more visibility at a national level.

The exact dates for Girls Academy tournaments and showcase events vary from year to year but you can check out the latest here.  

Overall, the Girls Academy tournaments and showcases provide a fantastic opportunity for players to test their skills against top-level competition and to be seen by coaches and scouts.

What Makes the League Unique?

The Girls Academy is a fantastic opportunity for female soccer players to continue playing the sport they love. It provides top-level training and competition, as well as support and guidance from experienced coaches and staff.

The Girls Academy is not only a development program for talented soccer players, but it is also a community. Players have the opportunity to bond with their teammates and create lasting friendships through their shared love of the game.

In addition to the on-field training and competition, the Girls Academy also provides a variety of off-field opportunities for players. This includes leadership and personal development workshops, college planning and recruiting seminars, and community service initiatives. These programs are designed to help players grow as individuals, as well as develop the skills and values that are necessary for success on and off the field.

The Girls Academy is a vital part of the development of female soccer players in the United States pyramid. It provides a platform for players to improve their skills and compete at a high level, while also receiving support and guidance to help them develop as a well-rounded individual.

Whether a player is looking to compete at the college or national level, or simply wants to play among the best players, the Girls Academy is an excellent opportunity to do so.

For players who are dedicated to improving their skills and reaching their full potential, the Girls Academy is an ideal choice for soccer players.

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