How to do a Pullback V in Soccer

How to do a Pullback V in Soccer

The pullback V is a popular soccer move used by soccer players to shift the focus on the field from one side to the other.

It’s usually used in the midfield, rather than offense, and is a great way to change direction quickly and escape from aggressive defenders.

If you do it in the defensive end, the ball could get away from you and leave the attacker with a chance to score. On the attacking end, it could disrupt your forward momentum. This is why it is an ideal move to do in the middle of the field.

How to Perform a Pullback V in Soccer

To perform the pullback V, you will need to get your foot on top of the ball and pull it back quickly, forming a “V” shape with the ball.

Then, open your hips and with bent knees, change direction quickly. This move can be used to switch directions and escape from a defender or to fake a pass and move in the opposite direction.

It’s as easy as that!

As with any soccer move, start working on it slowly. Get the technique down first.

As you get more comfortable with the move, add in more speed and body language.

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