About Keyrol Figueroa

About Keyrol Figueroa

Keyrol Figueroa is a rising star in the world of soccer, known for his impressive skills on the field and his ability to score goals.

He is currently playing as a striker for Liverpool U18, where he has already made a name for himself as a top goal scorer.

about Keyrol Figueroa

In this article, we’ll discuss Keyrol’s background and some of his early playing career highlights.

Early Life of Keyrol Figueroa

Keyrol Figueroa was born on August 31, 2006, in Honduras. Figueroa’s parents, Maynor Figueroa and Sandra Norales, were both athletes in their own right, with his father being a former soccer defender and his mother a basketball player.

His Dad, Maynor Figueroa, is a former professional player who played for several clubs, including Wigan Athletic and Hull City. Maynor Figueroa is considered a legend in Honduras, having represented the national team in three World Cups.

Naturally, Keyrol started playing soccer at a young age, and his talent was quickly noticed by local coaches. He developed his skills at a soccer academy in Honduras, where he continued to impress. His father played a significant role in his development, providing guidance and support throughout his early years.

Soccer Career

Figueroa represents the United States youth national team and has emerged as a rising star for the team with his high-scoring performance.

In the U17 CONCACAF tournament, Figueroa was a top finalist for the Golden Boot but was surpassed by one goal by Mexico’s Stephano Carrillo. With his performance, he should remain a steady and important player for USYNT in the coming years.

Figueroa’s impressive performance caught the attention of Liverpool, and he joined the club’s youth academy in 2023. He has been training with the academy and has been working on improving his skills. Figueroa is known for his speed, agility, and his ability to score goals, and he is expected to have a bright future in soccer.

Keyrol Figueroa’s Highlights

Take a look at the video below. You will see the potential in Keyrol Figueroa based on his scoring abilities, footwork, and dynamic pace on the ball.

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