About Club Champions League

About Club Champions League

The Club Champions League (CCL) is a youth soccer league that has been implementing the club versus club model since 1997. The CCL is a leader in the youth soccer landscape, as it was the first youth soccer league to implement this model.

The club-to-club matchday offers a unified league schedule where all teams from one club, boys and girls, host or travel to another club and play all matches at one location. This model has proven to be successful in developing players and teams from within the club.

CCL Divisions

What started in Virginia, has expanded nationally to the following regions.

  • U8-U10 NextGen (Boys & Girls): Northern Virginia, Maryland, D.C., and West Virginia Regions
  • U11-U12 Super League (Boys & Girls): Northern Virginia, Maryland, D.C., and West Virginia Regions
  • U9-U19 Premier League East (Boys & Girls): Central, East, and Southeast Regions
  • U11-U19 Premier League West (Boys & Girls): Central, West, and Southwest Regions
  • U13-U19 DMV Premier League (Boys & Girls): Northern Virginia, Maryland, D.C., and West Virginia Regions
  • U13-U19 USYS National League South Atlantic Conference managed by EDP (Boys & Girls): Northern Virginia, Maryland, D.C., and West Virginia Regions
  • 16-23+ PRO23: Competition by region (TBD)

The CCL is a non-profit, public charity with a mission to activate and accelerate youth soccer club development through a unique club-centric, soccer-director-driven league model. The CCL prides itself on superior club competition and innovative player development.

The CCL’s commitment to player development is reflected in its history of soccer innovation, leadership, and service. The CCL has been instrumental in developing some of the best soccer players in the country, and its commitment to player development has helped many players achieve their goals both on and off the field.

The CCL offers a championship for ages U11-19s, boys and girls, providing a competitive platform for individuals and clubs to develop under the same standards as the Premiership. The Adidas National Cup 2022 was a record-breaking event, and the CCL is excited to continue to offer superior competition and a model for player development.

Go here to learn more about Club Champions League.

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