When Does the Soccer Season Start?

When Does the Soccer Season Start?

It’s October and soccer season is in full swing! We’re excited to see our favorite teams back on the pitch and hear the crowd’s roar. While you’re out there checking out your favorite teams’ new players, we wanted to share some information about when the different leagues begin their seasons, so you can make sure you know when to tune in for some great action.

I will divulge the precise dates when the upcoming Major League Soccer (MLS), youth, and European soccer seasons will begin.

Major League Soccer Season

The MLS season takes place throughout the summer, while most soccer leagues’ seasons are in full swing from autumn to spring.

The MLS season begins at the end of February and usually concludes in December. Two conferences are in play between February and October. Afterward, the MLS clubs participate in the MLS Cup playoffs from October to December, culminating in the MLS Cup final.

Considering that basketball season runs from October to June and football season runs from September to February, the MLS benefits from playing games during the summer to increase attendance.

MLS Structure

MLS Soccer is divided into two conferences: Eastern and the Western. During a season, each club plays another club in its league twice. The Supporters’ Shield goes to the team with the best regular season record, as it is determined by the MLS points system.

Major League Soccer Cup Playoffs

Only the best clubs from the league stage advance to the playoffs. The MLS season also begins earlier than in other countries, and its championship is decided differently than in the vast majority of other international leagues.

When is the Season for Youth Soccer?

There isn’t a governing body that dictates when a soccer season starts but typically fall runs from September to November. Spring season normally starts in February and ends in May. With this said, many soccer clubs will run from late-August to late-June with a brief winter break. At the older and more competitive levels, it has been normalized to play almost year-round.Compared to other levels of the sport in the United States, youth soccer has the most significant number of players, at over 3 million.

Even though many youth soccer leagues and tournaments are affiliated with US Youth Soccer, each league and tournament has considerable freedom when planning its own soccer season.

Because of this flexibility, a youth soccer season’s start and end dates might change based on different factors, including the league’s location and the group in charge of setting the timetable.

Regardless, most youth soccer seasons begin in either September.

What About the Soccer Season in Europe?

European soccer fans have the luxury to choose from various leagues compared to North American fans. Most European countries have their own soccer league. The European soccer season typically begins in late summer and continues into the following spring. The bulk of European soccer leagues starts towards the end of August and concludes in May of the following year.


The soccer seasons’ opener and end date vary from country to country, including the United States. In the U.S., it can vary by age, league and location.

Despite the fact that the seasons start and end at different times, most soccer players continue to hone their skills and compete throughout the year. Soccer is being played all year round, especially among younger players.

So, whether you are enrolling your kid in soccer or searching for a club to play for, make sure you are informed of the team’s season.

For most soccer fans, the game can be enjoyed every month!

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