What is a Kit in Soccer?

What is a Kit in Soccer?

What is a kit in soccer? In soccer, a “kit” refers to the uniform worn by the players.

The uniform typically consists of a shirt, shorts, and socks. The kit is often designed to reflect the team’s brand colors and may feature the team’s name or logo. In many cases, players have two different colored kits for home and away games.

The goalkeeper usually wears a different colored kit from the rest of the team to help distinguish them from other players on the field.

In some international countries, the term “kit” may also refer to the entire set of equipment used by a player, including their cleats, shin guards, and other gear. Let’s address this in today’s article.

What Is A Kit?

As mentioned in Rule 4 of the International Football Association Board’s ‘Laws of the Game’, All players must wear a shirt, shorts, socks, shin guards and footwear.

  1. Shirt or jersey: Shirts with sleeves are required.
  2. Shorts: They should be comfortable to wear. Only the goalkeeper can typically wear pants to help distinguish them from the referee and other players.
  3. Socks: Long socks are meant to cover the shin guards. Although, many players are moving towards anti-grip socks.
  4. Shin guards: Shin guards help prevent serious injury especially during match play. They should also be worn during training but many coaches do not require this.
  5. Footwear: Choose the proper footwear considering the local surface conditions. For most youth soccer players, it’s essential to have a pair of outdoor and indoor cleats.

Items such as earrings, rubber bands, leather bands, or other jewelry are not permitted while playing soccer.

Other Permitted Soccer Equipment

These items can also be worn during a soccer match:

  • Gloves: Any player is allowed to wear gloves on the field. For players who play in the northeast in November, it is almost a requirement! Goalkeepers typically wear specialized gloves all season.
  • Hat and glasses: Goalkeepers can wear caps to help prevent direct contact with sunlight. Field players and goalies can wear glasses if necessary but ensure they don’t break, fall off or cause any harm.
  • Headgear: Players can wear headbands and/or soft shell helmets.
  • Knee and arm protector: Players can wear knee and arm protection if it is made of lightweight padded material.

Importance of a Soccer Kit

youth soccer kitsSoccer kits are important for the following reasons…

  • Identification: Soccer kits help identify players on the field, allowing fans, referees, and other players to distinguish between players and teams. The kits usually feature distinctive colors and patterns that make it easy to recognize a player for a particular team.
  • Togetherness and team spirit: Wearing a uniform helps players feel like they are part of a team and fosters a sense of togetherness and team spirit. It also helps players feel more connected to their teammates and coaches.
  • Professionalism: Soccer kits give teams a professional look. This is especially important for teams playing at a high level or in professional leagues.
  • Sponsorships: Many soccer kits feature the logos of sponsors, which can help generate revenue for the team. Sponsorship deals can be lucrative and can help teams invest in training facilities, equipment, and other resources.
  • Fan merchandise: Professional soccer kits are often popular with fans, who like to wear the colors of their favorite team. This can help generate additional revenue for the team through merchandise sales and help fans show their support.

What If The Law Is Infringed?

If a player does not abide to the rules stated above, the following could happen:

The referee might instruct the player to leave the ground for equipment rectification or to resolve the missing equipment. After reporting to the referee, the player can return to the match when all their equipment has been reviewed and approved. The player will get a chance to enter when the ball is out of play.

What Does a Soccer Uniform Have on It?

The jersey of the players typically encompasses their last name, number, logo, sponsor, or any slogan.


Soccer kits (or uniforms) have come a long way since the early 90’s. For many clubs, they’ve gone away from the heavy material and collared look (although this is making a comeback once again).

Today’s kits are made out of lighter, sweat-absorbing materials with bright colors that represent the club player’s are playing for.

Youth players walk on the field and are proud to wear the same colors as their teammates.

Professional soccer fans are proud to support their team by wearing jerseys of their favorite players.

Soccer kits are more than simply clothing. They represent unity and passion for the team someone supports!

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