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Soccer Grip Socks (Super Affordable in 2023)

Soccer Grip Socks (Super Affordable in 2023)

Soccer grip socks that are anti-slip have taken the youth soccer world by storm. Or, it seems that way at least.

In every training session, you’ll find players wearing anti-slip soccer socks as part of their everyday attire.

Players always look for a slight advantage on the pitch. But, do socks really make that much of a difference? We’ll explain later but first…

What are grip soccer socks anyways? They are crew socks with rubberized inner and outer grips that help prevent the foot from slipping inside the cleat.

What Are Grip Socks for Soccer?


Like I mentioned above, grip socks increase the grip your foot has in a cleat. It helps prevent internal slipping and, as a result, a player will enhance their agility and get less blisters.

Also, because of the inner and outer grips, your socks will most likely last longer. Normal soccer socks often have holes in the heels from a player digging with their non-dominant foot. The bottom of the socks run with the inner sole of the cleat leaving them thinner by the week.

Grips socks are also known as “anti-slip socks” or “performance socks” and have been popularized by the most famous soccer players including Luis Suarez and Gareth Bale.

How Do I Wear Grip Socks?

Here is a pic of my son putting on his soccer socks.

Grip socks aren’t meant to be a substitute for soccer socks. You’ll still want to wear your team’s uniform socks along with crew length grip socks.

How does a player wear grip socks? Players, my son included, are cutting the bottom of their soccer socks and wearing them over the grip socks. The cut soccer socks are acting as a shin pad sleeve.

Instructions to combine grip socks and team’s soccer socks:

  1. Find a pair of scissors and cut off the foot of the sock
  2. Throw away the foot of the sock but keep the shin part
  3. Put on your soccer grip socks first
  4. Proceed to put on your team’s soccer socks over it
  5. Slip your shin guard under the team’s socks
  6. Put your cleats on

Where to Find Grip Socks?

Originally, TRUsox took the market by storm but others have followed. If you don’t want to spend $45 for one pair of TRUsox, we don’t blame you.

If you are buying these anti-grip performance socks for your youth player, I suggest heading to Amazon. I bought my 13-year old son a pair for $19.99 for 4 pairs. I can tell you from his experience that he absolutely loves them and they do make a difference compared to his normal soccer socks.

Amazon grip socks

>>BUY 4 PAIRS FOR ONLY $20.99<<

Other online stores to find grip socks:

Benefits of Wearing Grip Socks

Soccer players can benefit from wearing grip or anti-slip socks for these many reasons.

Enhance Your Game

Subtle advantages compounded do make a difference for soccer players. Grip socks provide a comfortable feeling inside the cleat.

I honestly recall my playing days when soccer socks would leave me with blisters and an uncomfortable feeling when the socks shriveled inside the cleat. Still gives me shivers 30 years later!

Better Agility & Speed

Grip socks eliminates slippage and allows players to maximize transfer of energy as they change direction and accelerate.

It is like a runner coming off his block. The immediate push off the foot allows soccer players to become more agile as they enter training sessions and competitive matches.

Because They Look Cool

When it comes to soccer at the youth-level, many players like to “look cool.” It’s true! Kids are so impressionable. If they see some of their teammates or older players wearing specific gear, they tend to gravitate towards it.

Let’s face it, grip socks are in.


Grip socks solve the decades-long problem of soccer socks being too uncomfortable causing blisters and other foot aches.

With soccer grip socks players are able to provide more stability within their boot. They are able to leverage the anti-grip technology to accelerate and be more agile on the pitch.

We are big fans of these grip socks and don’t need to spend a fortune on them.

Grip socks are kid tested, parent approved!

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