What Does Golazo Mean in Soccer? Find Out Here!

What Does Golazo Mean in Soccer? Find Out Here!

What does Golazo (ɡoˈlaso) mean in soccer? Golazo is a Spanish word that means  a spectacular goal. 

You may have heard your son, daughter, fan or commentator yell ‘golazo!’ after scoring an amazing goal. This emphasis a goal that was simply amazing – no questions asked.

Similarly, in Portuguese, ‘golaco’ is used to describe a great goal.

In most cases, a true golazo is a goal usually from outside the penalty area. But, it can also be off of a creative dribble or flick.

What makes a goal a ‘Gooooooaaaaaallllllllll’ or a ‘Golazo!’? Check out this video…

Where Did Golazo Come From?

The term ‘golazo’ came from Channel 4’s Football Italia in the ’90s. The show’s theme song cried “golaco!” Just listen to the intro here…

The music producer of the intro song altered the byte to sound like ‘Go Lazio’ but it later morphed into ‘golazo’ where it has been popularized in Italy and the rest of Europe.

Pretty cool that it stuck, huh?

Example of a Golazo in Soccer

Do you want to see an example of a golazo? Watch David Villa of New York City FC score a long-range goal against Philadelphia Union.

Common Questions About Golazo

What is the meaning of a Golazo in soccer?

Golazo means a spectacular goal in Spanish. The word is made up of the suffix ‘-azo’ and ‘gol’ which means goal.

How many points is a Golazo?

Golazo or an amazing goal still counts as one point. This is the most amount a player can get in soccer.

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