Soccer Goalie Rules

Soccer Goalie Rules

A goalkeeper (goalie or keeper) is obviously a very important part of a soccer team. Understanding the soccer goalie rules has a significant impact on the match that is played.

When it comes to soccer positions, the goalkeeper is the only player who can touch the ball with their hands. But, this isn’t always the case as you’ll soon find out.

The goalkeeper can touch the ball when it is inside his or her penalty area. If the player is outside this area then they can only play with everything but their hands.

Quick Rules for Goalies

Here are the general rules for soccer goalies:

  • Once a goalkeeper grabs the ball, they have six seconds to get rid of it (kick or throw).
  • Goalkeepers cannot use their hands IF the ball is kicked to them by their own teammate.
  • Goalkeepers cannot use their hands IF the ball is thrown-in to them by their own teammate.
  • A goalkeeper must stay on the goal line for a penalty kick (PK).
  • Goalkeepers must wear a jersey that is distinguishable from their teammates.
  • Once the goalkeeper puts the ball back into play on the ground, they can’t pick it up again.
  • There must be one goalie on the soccer pitch at all times.
  • A goalkeeper cannot score with their hands or arms.
  • If the goalkeeper has possession of the ball, an opposing player cannot touch it. If they do, this will result in a penalty or yellow card.

Memorize, understand and/or print these rules. It’s important to know the rules of the game so you can focus on competing to the best of your abilities.

Give It Up For the Goalkeepers 🎉

It’s no secret that being a goalkeeper is tough work. As the last line of the defense, the goalkeeper is often perceived as the hero after a clean sheet…or at fault for the goals scored by the opposing team.

This simply isn’t true.

Why? Because it’s a team sport. It’s the team that is letting up goals or preventing the goals from being scored.

Case in point, if the midfielders and strikers dominate possession then there are less scoring chances for the other team. But, if they are constantly losing possession then the other team is most likely on the attack.

Let’s respect the goalkeeper position as it comes with its fair share of bumps and bruises. Today, we honor you – the goalie!

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