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Should My Child Wear Shin Pads During Practice?

Should My Child Wear Shin Pads During Practice?

I’m seeing more and more kids not wearing their shin pads during team training sessions. This is especially evident for players 12 and older.

As a parent, it begs the question, should you let your child not wear their shin pads during training sessions? My answer is “no!”

From what I see, most don’t wear their shin guards because of the “cool” factor. Young players see YouTube videos of their favorite players training with just their grip socks. Also, they may feel more comfortable without them.

But, what’s the downside? A significant shin or leg injury. I don’t think that’s worth it at a young age. I think most of us can agree on this.

Provide a Little Guidance

Parents! Please provide some guidance here.

It is mandatory to wear shin guards during games so why not training sessions? It will provide them with the same feel from practice to the game.

Additionally, if they decide not to wear them and a defender takes a swift kick to their shins, they could be out for weeks or months. I don’t think that’s worth it.

Is there any situation where a player doesn’t have to wear shin pads?

I think if the practice is strictly strength and conditioning. This would mean that there is absolutely no contact involved.

The session is only endurance, agility, weight lifting workouts.

What happens if they don’t wear shin pads in soccer?

If players don’t wear shin pads in soccer, they are at a higher risk of getting injured.

Shin pads protect their shins from being kicked or hit by another player’s cleats, which can cause bruises, cuts, or even fractures.

What if all their teammates aren’t wearing shin guards?

Have them wear it anyway. Most likely, the parents of the other players don’t know or realize that their child doesn’t have shin guards on.

Talk to your child about being their own person. It will go a long way in their soccer career and life in general.

What if their shin pads are too tight?

If their shin pads are too tight, it can cause discomfort and even restrict their movement, which leads to players taking them off.

I would take them to a local soccer or sporting goods store to find shin pads that do fit properly.

From personal experience, it can be irritating to play in shin pads that are either too loose or too tight.

At the end of the day, don’t give them the excuse to take them off 🙂

Make Shin Pads Cool Again

Let’s make shin pads cool again! Many shin pads on the market are small and very adaptable to the shin. To be honest, players can barely feel them.

In my heyday, we had bulky shin pads with hard ankle support that dug into the side of your foot. No, thank you.

Try to push your child to wear shin pads during practice. It will save them from a potential injury and avoid missing games. In my opinion, this alone is worth it.

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