How High Should Soccer Socks Go? 

How High Should Soccer Socks Go? 

Soccer socks are one of the few pieces of equipment every player needs to wear. They not only provide protection to the shins but also help keep the shin guards in place.

However, one question that often arises is how high should soccer socks go?

We see players like Neymar Jr. hike his socks up to his knees and Jack Greilish barely have socks on. See photo above.

Let’s explore some general guidelines and personal preferences.

General Guidelines For Soccer Socks

According to IFAB’s Laws of the Game, “all players must wear shin guards.” The shin guards must be “covered entirely by the socks.” This is outlined in section 4 under ‘Player’s Equipment’.

This means that soccer socks must be pulled up high enough to cover the shin guards completely. In most cases, the socks should start just above the ankle and go up to just below the knee.

Another important consideration is the fit of the socks. The socks should fit snugly around the calf without being too tight or too loose.

Socks that are too tight can restrict circulation (and may need to be cut), while socks that are too loose can slide down during the game.

Personal Preference

While there are general guidelines for how high soccer socks should go, there is also a personal preference to consider.

Some players prefer to wear their socks pulled all the way up to just below the knee, while others like to wear them slightly lower, just above the calf. Some players even prefer to fold their socks down over the shin guards for added comfort.

In today’s youth soccer scene, many kids are not wearing soccer socks during trainings and prefer to wear them lower in games. So, the current trend is to have as little coverage as possible.

Also, many players prefer to wear the grip socks underneath their soccer socks.

Ultimately, the height of soccer socks is a matter of personal preference as long as they cover the shin guards completely.

Players should experiment with different sock heights to find what feels most comfortable and secure for them.


It’s pretty clear the answer to the question of “how high should soccer socks go?” is that it depends as long as it covers the shin pads.

In most cases, higher socks equals more protection. It’s an added layer just in case a player gets cleated or experiences a turf burn while slide tackling.

Lower the socks, the more freedom a player can personally feel. Players won’t feel as restricted.

The key is to not follow trends but to make your own decision on how high you want your socks to go!

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