What Size is a Youth Soccer Ball?

What Size is a Youth Soccer Ball?

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Here is a breakdown of soccer ball sizes by age group of the player. It is important to choose the right fit for your player as maturity needs to happen before you get to the next size.

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Size One

Size 1 is ideal for children under three years. It has a circumference of 18 to 20 inches. Size one soccer balls, also known as minis, are often “toy soccer balls” that you can kick inside the house.

Please don’t send us a bill for a smashed lamp. It happens to all of us parents 😉

If you have a child under three years and want them to learn soccer, this is a great ball to start on.

Size Two

A size 2 soccer ball weighs about 250 and 280 grams and has a circumference between 20 and 22 inches. These soccer balls are ideal for children between three and five years of age.

Most parents call “size-two” a “skills ball” because it allows kids to practice soccer and improve skills like ball handling, dribbling, footwork, juggling, and ball control.

Size Three

Size 3 is appropriate for children between five and eight years. Players eight years and under will find this size a little heavier than size 2 but they’ll be able to control it better on the dribble. This is a great transition ball as they get to the bigger sizes.

Size Four

Now we are getting to the older age groups. Size 4 soccer balls are ideal for children between eight and twelve years.

A size 3 soccer ball allows players to practice soccer and improve their dribbling, ball control, passing and shooting. For players on the younger spectrum (ages 8-10) this can be a tough transition. The ball won’t go as far and the speed of the pass gets slower but as the body matures it will prove to be necessary as there is only one more step up.

Size Five

Size 5 soccer balls are perfect for players twelve years and older. Size 5 balls are used at the youth level, high school, college AND professionals in the U.S. and worldwide.

It’s important to use this size ball when you are practicing your shot. If you practice with a size 3, the size 5 ball could feel like a bowling ball.

Ensure You Are Playing with the Appropriate Size

It’s important to play with the appropriate size soccer ball for your age group. Your league will dictate what size ball you will be using but it’s vital to practice with the same size.

The main reason why you’ll want to stick to the right size ball is because a player’s body may still be maturing. It’s more important to teach kids at a younger age skills rather than maximize their strength.

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