What is a Treble in Soccer?

What is a Treble in Soccer?

What is a treble? A treble in soccer refers to a team winning three major trophies in a single season.

The term is used in various countries and competitions, including Europe, South America, and Asia.

The three trophies typically include the domestic league title, the primary domestic cup, and a continental tournament such as the UEFA Champions League or the Copa Libertadores.

What is a Treble in Soccer

Winning a treble is a significant achievement in soccer and is considered the pinnacle of success for a club that year. With so much talent spread out over the major soccer leagues, winning three trophies is very difficult to accomplish.

As a matter of fact, only a small amount of teams have managed to win a treble, including:

  • Manchester City
  • FC Barcelona (twice)
  • Manchester United
  • Bayern Munich
  • Inter Milan

Most recently in 2023, Manchester City accomplished the treble winning the Premier League, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League.

Let’s dig into the history of a treble some more!

Treble in Soccer

Again, a treble is a term used to describe a team that has won three major trophies in a single season.

A treble is a rare achievement and is considered a significant accomplishment in soccer.

The term “treble” originated in England in the late 1990s when Manchester United became the first English team to win the treble in the 1998-1999 season. The term has since been adopted by soccer fans and media around the world.

Teams That Have Won the Treble

treble football

Since Manchester United’s historic treble in 1999, several other teams have achieved the feat.

In Europe, Barcelona became the first team to win the treble twice, in the 2008-2009 and 2014-2015 seasons. Other European teams that have won the treble include Manchester United, Inter Milan, and Bayern Munich.

In South America, Brazilian teams have dominated the treble, with Sao Paulo, Internacional, and Cruzeiro all winning the treble.

In Africa, only one team has won the treble, Al Ahly from Egypt.

Did Man City Win the Treble in 2023?

In the 2022/23 season, Manchester City had a historic run, winning the Premier League, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League.

Man City become just the second English team to win a treble, following Manchester United’s achievement in the 1998/99 season. To wrap up the trifecta, Man City beat Inter Milan 1-0.

Pep Guardiola lead City during the 2022/2023 season. Guess who won the treble with Barcelona? Pep. It was an amazing season for Manchester City who acquired Erling Haaland. Haaland also won the Champions League Golden Boot.

They have become the elite team to beat as we finish up the season. Entering the 2023/2024, Manchester City will be looking to repeat for another treble.

Final Thoughts

A treble in soccer is a remarkable achievement that is highly sought after by professional soccer clubs and their fans.

Winning three major trophies in a single season requires an exceptional level of skill, determination, and teamwork.

The treble has been accomplished by only a select number of elite clubs, and it remains a rare and prestigious feat in the world of soccer.

Whether it’s the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League, or any other combination of major trophies, the treble is a testament to a team’s excellence and a source of pride for its supporters!

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