How Long is a Professional Soccer Game?

How Long is a Professional Soccer Game?

Last updated on March 7th, 2023 at 04:56 pm

How long is a professional soccer game? A professional soccer game lasts 90 minutes plus any stoppage time.

Stoke City Professional GameEvery professional soccer game consists of (2) 45-minute halves, potential stoppage time after each half is over, a 15-minute halftime and, on some occasions, (2) 15-minute overtime periods and a shootout.

All in all, a match takes about 2 hours of real-time to complete.

It’s pretty simple to understand but let’s address various situations where the game time is affected.

Stoppage Time

Stoppage time may also be referred to as additional time or injury time as it is an added time to each half.

Allowance time is provided for the time lost in the following cases:

Only the head referee can determine exactly how much time is added. In many cases, you can expect 1-5 minutes being added on top of each half.


Halftime is the interval provided between the 45 min the first and second half. This time cannot exceed 15 min.

Once the first half is over, the referee will blow his or her whistle twice to indicate halftime. Halftime is a short break for hydration and re-strategizing with the team.

With the referee’s permission, this time can be altered before the beginning of the match.

Extra Time

Extra time or overtime is provided when there is a draw at the end of regulation. Typically, it consists of two halves of 15-minutes and 1-minute break.

Teams proceed to a penalty shootout when the winners are still not decided or the outcome is a tie after extra time.

In the final score, the goals achieved in the extra time are counted but not the points from the penalty shootout.

How Long Do High School And College Soccer Matches Last?

The NCAA Rule 7 states the college soccer game would comprise 45-minute halves with a half-time of 10 minutes.

The duration for high school is shorter than professional and college games. For most high school games in the U.S., each half is 40-minutes with a 10 minute halftime.

Longest Soccer Game Recorded in History

The longest recorded soccer match occurred on March 30, 1946, at Edgeley Park between the English clubs Stockport County and Doncaster Rovers. This match remarkably took place for 3 hours 23 min and created a world record. Due to the draw between these two teams, the match took extra time, and a penalty shootout was not introduced.


Professional soccer games are 90-minutes of pure excitement. Each attack leaves fans at the edge of their seat. The precise passing, the powerful shots on net and the hard tackles leaves spectators screaming and cheering for their favorite team.

In order to play those 90 minutes, players must be in tip-top shape. Some of the best athletes in today’s era are undoubtedly soccer players!

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