ECNL Regional Leagues (Everything You Need to Know)

ECNL Regional Leagues (Everything You Need to Know)

ECNL Regional Leagues (ECNRL) are boys and girls youth soccer leagues that fall under the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) structure.

These U.S. soccer leagues are designed to provide a high-level of competition and player development opportunities.

This is a great opportunity for those players that may not be ready for ECNL, MLS NEXT or Girls Academy. Players will still be challenged in a competitive environment but without competing against the top-elite players in their region.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of ECNRL and the difference between the national-level ECNL.

What is ECNL Regional Leagues (ECNRL)?

Formed in 2018, the ECNL Girls piloted this program to localize soccer matches but still maintain a highly competitive format. Following the success of the ECNRL Girls program, the boys also formed their own ECNL Regional League.

ECNRL is a league under the ECNL umbrella for u13-u19 soccer players who want to play at a high-level but not necessarily at the top tier.

You can learn more about each league here:

Teams within the ECNRL are provided great training, competitive games (usually with less travel) and a player development path.

Additionally, players and teams participating in ECNRL may have the opportunity to compete in regional and national showcase events, as well as potentially earn invitations to ECNL national events.

The goal of these leagues is to provide additional opportunities for soccer players to reach their full potential and pursue their goals in the sport.

Difference Between ECNRL and ECNL

ECNRL is a tier lower than the national-level ECNL league, but it is much closer to ECNL than it is to a town recreational or travel league.

It honestly provides a similar environment as ECNL: a league with standings, home and away games, quality soccer facilities, college showcases, and the opportunity to be recruited.

Let’s face it, there is a lot of travel involved when playing for leagues such as the ECNL, Girls Academy and MLS NEXT. The ECNRL provides parents with less travel time and costs.

All in all, the major differences between ECNRL and ECNL is less travel and lower competition.

Who is ECNRL for?

ECNRL are for boys and girls youth soccer players ages from 12 to 18 who want to play soccer competitively but won’t necessarily make a top level team (for that particular year).

In most cases, a local soccer club will hold tryouts or ID sessions to determine which team a player will be placed on. The team usually determines the league that the player will play in.

For younger players who are looking to play in high school or even college, the ECNRL will help prepare them to reach their fullest potential.

This is a great move by ECNL to expand the footprint for youth soccer while maintaining the same standards.

Cost to Play in ECNL Regional League

The cost to play in the ECNL Regional League can vary depending on the club and region, as each club has its own fee structure. However, it is generally considered to be a more expensive option compared to state-level leagues, as it offers a higher level of competition and resources.

Players in the ECNL Regional League can expect to pay fees that cover team registration, league fees, tournament fees, travel expenses, uniform costs, coaching fees, and other miscellaneous expenses.

By and large, the cost to play can range from $2,000-$3,200 per year excluding additional travel expenses. Many soccer clubs offer financial aid or payment plans to lessen the burden financially for families.

Helpful Links

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