Advice to an 8-Year-Old Soccer Player

Advice to an 8-Year-Old Soccer Player

My oldest son is now 14 and when I look back six years ago, here is what I’d like to say to him…

Advice to 8-Year-Old Soccer Player


Soccer is really just a game. It’s a sport that will help you build friendships, feel good about yourself, and open opportunities for other things in life.

Six years from now, losing and winning these games will not matter in the least. What will matter is that you enjoy the game and get better each day. Don’t let me put any pressure on you. And, try not to put pressure on yourself to score. Put light pressure on yourself to simply get better.

What Billy says about your height does not matter. You will grow. Maybe not at the pace as others but you will get bigger. For now, work on what you can control which is your mentality and skills.

Go out on the field and compete against yourself. Be the best version you can be.

Some kids peak at 9 but you want to peak at 25. There are so many more years to perfect your skills. Brick-by-brick, it’s better to lay the foundation now so you can keep stacking skills over the next decade. On the offensive end, work on basic dribbling moves and your passing technique. Defensively, try to stay in your position and hustle.

What’s the most important thing you can do now (and forever)? Keep pursuing your passion and continue having fun with your teammates. Remember, this is a sport. A sport is a game that you play in your life. It isn’t life.

If there are ever hard times (which there will be), we will work through them together. You’ll be stronger for it. I promise.

Now, go have fun!


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