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Are you part of a ️youth ⚽️ soccer organization in the U.S. and looking to bring in more talented players? You’ve come to the right place!

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We strive to connect established U.S. soccer clubs with more talented players in your region. 


Beau Bridges - Soccer NovoHey There 👋 My name is Beau and I’m the owner of I created this site from the passion my family and I have for soccer. 

I understand what a soccer club can do for the development of a young player. I’m living proof with my son who is 13 and has played for the same club since he was 6. He has grown as a player and person.

We built a platform where parents can get the info they need about clubs in their city, state, and/or region. 

Additionally, we wanted to educate soccer players, parents, coaches, and fans about the sport of ️⚽️.

We are constantly growing our audience through our content which includes news about the youth leagues, advice, how-to’s, etc. 

If you are a soccer organization in the U.S., I invite you to join our network. We will continue to educate our audience and market your club. 

Beau Bridges

Be in the know for everything soccer in the U.S. 🥳️

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